Video Captures Oklahoma State Trooper Apprehend Two Dangerous Suspects

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MCALESTER, Okla. (KFSM) -- An Oklahoma State Trooper has been commended for his patience and quick thinking after apprehending two suspected dangerous men on Highway 2 in Red Oak.

The video shot by Neal Johnston shows Trooper Ashby Sutherland with Troop D in McAlester, Oklahoma capturing the two suspects. The video has been shared over 1,000 times on Facebook.

The trooper said he heard a 'be on the lookout' call over the police radio saying the two suspects in the vehicle had just committed an assault and armed robbery. The trooper said he saw the vehicle and made a U-turn to stop them.

"Because of the high risk B.O.L.O. that came out, I decided to do a felony stop just before we got in the city limits," Sutherland said.

The lone trooper, now facing two potentially dangerous men, commands the situation with his gun in hand. Drivers stopped along Highway 2 and watched it unfold. The trooper commands one suspect to remove his shirt and keep his hands up. The suspect follows the troopers commands and slowly backs to the trooper. All the while, the trooper is also communicating with the other suspect in the vehicle.

"You give loud commands so there's no miscommunication and you bring them back to you," he said.

While the situation is unfolding, the trooper is also seen commanding traffic.

"I had to get them shut down where they were quite a ways away just in case something did happen," Sutherland said. "I kept looking behind me to make sure a car didn't run me over."

Other law enforcement arrived within minutes as the trooper already had the suspects on the ground with their arms behind their backs and their legs crossed.

"The other agency was able to get to me in three and a half minutes," Sutherland said. "From anywhere in the county, that response time is just great."

Over 100 Facebook users are commenting on the video and commending the officer for his work.

Sutherland's lieutenant said the attention is well deserved.

"This easily could have turned out to be a bad situation," Lt. Eddie Bohanan said. "That didn't happen because of the trooper's training and  professionalism and the way he handled the situation. We appreciate the positive comments from the public."