Carroll County Man Accused Of Flinging Feces At Deputy

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CARROLL COUNTY (KFSM) — A man is accused of several felonies in connection with the alleged assault of a deputy.

Eugene Walden, 44, of Eureka Springs is accused of felony second-degree battery and aggravated assault upon a law enforcement officer, as well as misdemeanor fleeing, communicating a false alarm and refusal to submit to an arrest.

Shortly after 7 a.m. Oct. 2, a deputy was dispatched to Highway 187 to what they thought was a two-vehicle collision.

When the deputy arrived, he noticed Walden flailing his arms, and standing outside a vehicle that was parked on the grass nearby a church. The deputy stated in an arrest report that he stopped his patrol  car and Walden ran toward it while holding a large broken painting, before throwing it into the patrol car.

The deputy also stated Walden was upset the painting was broken and accused first-responders of breaking it.  The deputy explained to Walden that he was on his way to the scene of a collision.

Walden replied, “There is no accident. I called you and told you there was an accident because it was the only way you’d come,” the arrest report states.

After, Walden simply removed the painting and walked away from the patrol car. He disobeyed the deputy’s orders to stop before fleeing from the scene and leading a vehicle pursuit.

The vehicle pursuit ended when Walden drove up to a twelve-foot metal gate. Walden jumped out of his car and began tor run from police but his underwear and pants slipped downward, which caused his to fall. Meanwhile, he had defecated on himself, according to the report.

Walden continued to disobey the deputy’s commands and a physical fight ensued between the two. After a brief scuffle, Walden began to cry and explained to the officer that he just, “needed to poop,” the report states.

Respectfully, the deputy allowed Walden to do so.

After, Walden picked up the feces and threw it toward the deputy’s face, but the deputy was able to dodge it.  Walden then stripped his remaining clothing and dove over a barbed-wire fence, according to the report.

Moments later, the deputy caught  up to Walden and arrested him. He was walked back to the metal gate where the vehicle pursuit had ended, and was handcuffed to it while the deputy waited for others to arrive and assist.

Once the other deputies arrived, they all attempted to walk Walden to a patrol car, but he held onto the gate and refused to cooperate. He allegedly had wedged himself between the bars of the gate. Some time later, he was finally unwedged from it and was escorted to the Carroll County Detention Center.

The deputies subsequently searched Walden’s vehicle and reportedly found a small amount of marijuana and a semi-automatic handgun.