Flavors: Rick’s Bakery

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Hey Guys Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors today we are at Rick’s Bakery they have been established since 1980 and they keep pumping out those wonderful sweets for the community, let’s head inside and check things out.

Rick Boone, owner of Rick's Bakery wears many hats in his business, but one you may not know about is the one he received a degree for.

“I’m an electrical engineer by trade and a donut maker by accident, I love the local, I love the people, I love the area so we chose to stay and do a bakery something I never dreamed of,” said Boone.

And when you get baked goods—like donuts, cakes and cookies from Rick’s.

“They are bringing us into their home into their family and we begin to get to become part of that, we get to be part of the 1st Birthday, 2nd Birthday, the Graduation, getting married.. To be part of that, be part of that experience and that legacy of NWA is huge," said Boone.

The Rick’s Team has made a soooeewwiet new item to call the hogs with too!

“It’s our Razorback Ring, so it’s something new and exciting that tastes great, it’s got so much better and cream cheese in it and then we are going to cover it with our candy icing and of course it’s going to be all red and white and it’s going to have a hog on it… I know everyone wants to kind of see what’s on the inside of this so I think we should cut it and see what it looks like… And you can see all of the cream cheese layers and fruit we put in there,” said Boone.

Drop into their Street Side Studio before every home game where…

“You can decorate hog products, buy hog products, so you get to build your own tailgating party," said Boone.

With the holiday season quickly approaching they have a variety of treats; like their spooky good sugar cookies or festive goodies and gifts.

So, what’s next for this cornerstone in our community? It’s not public yet,but here’s a hint from Rick.

“I think people not only here, but even all over the US is going to be excited about what we are going to be able to do pretty soon," said Boone.

“The local people like their roots they like to know where things come from and they are very supportive of us and that is what has kept us here all these years, we’re not just a bakery we’re the bakery of the community you know we want them to say this is my bakery,” said Boone.

You can come get a lunch special and it comes with a sandwich, salad or soup, chips, pickle, and a slice of cake, how can you beat that? We started with sweet treats, so let’s end it that way! Ever special comes with a dessert of the day, today’s was apple spice cake with cream cheese!

Rick’s Bakery is the Official Bakery of the Razorbacks and they have their drop in tailgating parties at every home game in their street side studio, for more information.

To learn more about their expansion in NWA, click here!

Until next time, I’m Megan Graddy with 5NEWS.

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