Sharum’s Garden Center Tips: How To Protect Your Plants From Diseases

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In this week’s Sharum’s Garden Center Tips Frank talks to us about their snap dragons.

Frank said that these plants do great in the fall but really take charge in the springs, Sharum’s offers a large selection in different sizes and they are available now.

Frank said that this is also an excellent time to buy your trees for the fall season; maples are about a week away from turning colors so come get your trees now so they can get established over the fall season and be ready to bloom and flourish in the spring time.

In order for your trees to stay healthy with the rise in diseases, Frank recommends using Bayer Tree and Shrub medicine around the trees to prevent disease and also allows your tree to prosper.

Crepe myrtles are a gorgeous plant, however with the rapid growth of black soot mold you need to use Dormant Oil to protect your plants lively-hood.

The oil coats the plant and chokes out any threats to the plants health; Frank said it’s best to apply the oil to your plants 2 to 3 times a year for best results.

You can also power wash the mold off of your trees to help the longevity of your plants as well.

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