Check the Webb: First Fall Frost Possible

We’ve had another Fall cold front move through and this time it appears the cooler weather is going to stick around.  Most of us are 20° cooler today than we were yesterday.

Lows in NW Arkansas will be the coldest we’ve seen since April 27 with most of us seeing temperatures fall into the mid 30s tonight.

It is also very possible that we see the first frost of Fall 2017 across portions of NW Arkansas.  This isn’t too far out of the ordinary for us. The average first frost for NW Arkansas is Oct. 19.

Temperatures won’t be quite as cool for the River Valley with low in the low to mid 40s but it will be the coolest it has been since May 2.

We’ll need to wait a little longer in the River Valley though. The average first frost is Nov. 5.