Cops Collect Coats For Children In Need This Winter

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Sunday (Oct. 15) afternoon, the Fayetteville Police Department held their second Cops and Coats For Kids event at the Walmart off Joyce Boulevard with the goal of getting as many articles of warm clothes for children in need.

Corporal Dallas Brashears started the event a year ago as officers in the department worked to figure out a new way they could help give back to the community.

He explained that with Christmas not too far away and the colder weather already upon us, collecting warm clothes was a great place for them to start.

One mother who dropped off some clothes agreed saying what the police are doing is wonderful.

Kristin Bosc stopped by to donate some items with her son.

She said she wants to teach him that sometimes people need a little help.

“I want him to grow up to be a giving person and to be grateful for what he has and to realize that sometimes people can’t get things just as easily,” Bosc said.

As a mom, she said it’s hard to imagine that there are kids out there that my not have a warm coat or a hat during the winter months.

She appreciated what Brashears and the other officers were doing to make sure this isn’t the case for children in the area.

Last year the department collected about 70 coats.

This year Brashears wants to double that number.

He explained that along with making sure kids stay warm, they want them to know that the police are not just there to get mom and dad in trouble.

“A lot of times, short of going into social care, they get overlooked,” Brashears said. “A lot of parents get arrested and things like that. Kids, they may get shuffled around from relative to relative or go into some temporary foster care. We want them to know that we are there to help them also.”

The department will continue to collect coats, hats and gloves for a week at the police department.

The clothes will be sent to the Boys and Girls Club, the Department of Human Services and Fayetteville High School to be handed out to children who need them the most.

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