Arkansas, Like California, Can Be A High Risk For Wildfires

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ROGERS (KFSM) — The raging wildfires in Northern California have burned 213,000 acres of land and killed 41 people.

Local firefighters believe the risk for wildfires are just as high in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.

Crews hope they can prevent something like this from happening by depending on the help of citizens and surrounding fire departments.

Grassy, forest-like land, significant drought and high winds are all factors California and Arkansas have in common.

Rogers Fire Department Chief, Tom Jenkins said their department has specialty off-road fire vehicles. Those are best for dealing with vegetation fires, but in the case of a wildfire here, they would be quick to ask for help from other departments.

“Inside a building you have some containment of a fire, it can only go so far,” said Jenkins. “In a wild land incident, outdoor fire, you don’t have that fire boxed in and it can spread anywhere,” said Jenkins.  “So what we typically do is to call for help a little earlier.”

Jenkins said where forest or wild land connects with cities is a big risk. He suggests everyone have a plan at their home in case of a vegetation fire. Having working smoke detectors and an exit plan could save your life in the incident of a fire.

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