Community Shares Stories In ‘Me Too’ Movement

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A new movement has taken social media by storm with women posting the hashtag, "metoo".

This came about after allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein surfaced.  Dozens of women have claimed sexual assault against the film producer. Now women and some men are using the hashtag to share personal stories of sexual harassment and assault.

Some locals are taking even more action to protect people from sexual harassment and assault.

"I'm not surprised at the amount of women that are coming out and saying, "yeah, me too," said Melissa Witt, the owner of True Grit Running Company.

At her store, people gathered for a class called, "Refuse To Be A Victim". It's for people wanting to learn more about protecting themselves.

"It causes there to be reactions for women who are victimized," a class participant said. "... And I think it'll make them less likely to be a victim. It gives them a way to fight back."

Some of the stories shared by local women on social media are startling.

One woman said, "I was cat called by a grown man leaning out of his car when I was eleven. I've been hugged and tugged at and whistled at and criticized by my male peers in junior high and high school."

"Me too," another woman said, "From the guys who held me down on the school bus and groped me while the driver kept going... to the boss who made me slide past him to escape my office... ."

Also, a simple, but haunting post that states, "Me too. By family. By strangers."

Local stories are being shared showing the issue is widespread. From classes to social awareness and open communication, people are changing the way we talk about sexual harassment and assault.

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