Victory In Raqqa, The City ISIS Considered Its Capital, Came At A Price

RAQQA (CBS News) — Militias declared victory Tuesday in Raqqa, the city the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) considered its capital. But it came at a terrible price, CBS News’ Holly Williams reports.

Williams walked into the heart of the city, now reclaimed — after a four month battle — by U.S.-backed fighters, who took Williams to al-Naim Circle. It’s a place where ISIS showcased its brutality. A photo of a jihadi young son captures their depravity.

What ISIS did in al-Naim Circle was designed to terrorize — not just the people in Raqqa who witnessed it in person but anywhere that people saw their photos and videos on the internet.

To get rid of the extremists, they’ve destroyed the city, leaving hardly a building unscathed. U.S. coalition airstrikes have flattened many of them, and inadvertently killed civilians, according to survivors.

Buried beneath the rubble, people may never know for sure how many died.

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