Civilian Employee Files Two Complaints Against Fort Smith Police Chief

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A civilian employee for the Fort Smith Police Department has filed two complaints against Police Chief Nathaniel Clark.

The complaints claim to outline the police chief's unethical and unprofessional behavior. City administrator Carl Geffken said Alvey Matlock filed the complaints soon after he found out the job he has been doing for nearly 12 years would be changing.

“Change is difficult,” Geffken said. “We`re asking people to come out of their comfort zone and think of doing things differently.”

On Oct. 3, Matlock found out the FSPD’s IT department would be merging with the city’s IT department. Matlock is the computer crimes investigator and senior network administrator.

“He's not a police officer,” Geffken explained. “You have to go through police training and be sworn as a police officer.”

In his first complaint against Chief Clark, Matlock states, “…specific action are being taken to remove Alvey Matlock from the police department.”

5NEWS asked Geffken if Matlock would be fired and what his future is at the police department.

“He is still employed there,” Geffken said. “As we undertake this investigation, that will have whatever conclusions come out of the investigation, but prior to that, there was never any pushing him out.”

The supporting documents also include an email Matlock sent to Chief Clark in January. He told the chief he felt his safety was at risk after an attorney requested public information on Matlock's undercover work and his law enforcement credentials. 

“I'm not stating that it's frivolous, and I'm not stating that it's not frivolous,” Geffken said. “I'm not actually making a statement that it is anything at this point while it's being investigated.”

In his second complaint, Matlock accuses the chief of creating a hostile work environment.

“What we're doing is taking this seriously,” Geffken said.

Matlock filed the complaints to Deputy Administrator Jeff Dingman and County Prosecutor Daniel Shue. Matlock wrote, “Carl Geffken cannot be trusted to investigate this complaint.” Geffken said that claim is “blatantly false.”

5NEWS reached out to Chief Clark for an interview, but he said it would be inappropriate to comment at this time. Matlock has not returned our messages requesting to talk to him.  

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