Vandal Slashes Tires, Poops In Car In Farmington

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FARMINGTON (KFSM) — People in Farmington are frustrated after finding the tires of their vehicles slashed Tuesday morning (Oct. 17).

David Buchanan lives on Rose Court in Farmington. He said he was starting his truck for work and noticed all four of his tires were flat.

After looking around, Buchanan noticed several other neighbors vehicles had also been messed with.

Buchanan went inside to tell his roommates and reported the incident to the Farmington Police Department.

“It’s just frustrating,” Buchanan said.” “It set my day back, I had to call in, I’m missing out on a paycheck, none of it is good.”

One of his roommates, Ian Harkey, noticed his car was keyed and broken into. “It had fecal matter in the driver’s seat,” Harkey said. “My sunglasses were stolen and there was actually a knife missing.”

Buchanan said they want whoever did it, caught. “Obviously it affected families in the neighborhood so that’s definitely not a good thing,” Buchanan said.” “So I think we’d all like a little peace of mind on who did it.”

5NEWS reached out to Farmington Police and will update the story when more details are available.