Springdale 911 Dispatcher Helps Father Deliver Baby

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- A dispatcher with the Springdale Police Department is getting credit for helping bring a new life into the world.

Deason answered a father's call to 911 on Sept. 19 and helped deliver the baby via phone call.

On that day, Courtney Velazquez said she was having contractions through out the day but when they went to the doctor, they were told they had a few hours.

So Courtney and her husband Victor went home.

Not long after they they got there though, Courtney went into labor.

When they found out they would not make it to the hospital, Victor called 911.

Deason talked him through everything to make sure both mom and baby were fine.

“Once those things were pretty clear, to be honest, I just caught him," Victor said. "When I saw the head and by the time I saw that head come out, I told the lady to hold on and I just caught him.”

Courtney said she didn't really have any anxiety during the entire process and was confident in Victor's abilities.

Deason said she was a little nervous during the call because she had never helped deliver a baby in the five years she has worked in dispatch.

The Velazquezes say everything happened fast and once baby Steven was out, the paramedics showed up.

On Wednesday, Deason met the Velazquezes for the first time since the call.

Deason described how she felt in what she called an awesome moment.

“It was one of things that just kinds of makes you all fuzzy inside and I was super excited because as I said we usually don’t get to know of the calls that we take," Deason said. "So getting to see the baby and meet Victor and his wife and his children it really helped put a face to the voice on the other end of the line.”

Victor and Courtney could not stop telling Deason just how much they appreciated everything she did for them and their family that night.

“I wish I could tell you that I could do this by myself or that I would have figured it out but having her on the phone it really kept me on course, kept me on track, kept me on things what to do and we appreciate her," Victor said. "Miss Monica we appreciate you from our family, from little Stevie. If it weren’t for he we wouldn’t have done it.”

Since the call, both mom and baby have been doing well.

The family said they will never stop telling the story of how a Springdale dispatcher helped deliver their new baby into the world.