Metabolic Research Center- Obtaining The Momentum – Phase 6

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We're taking another look at 5NEWS Sports Director Bobby Swofford's weight loss journey with the Metabolic Research Center.

“Bobby is down 4.5% body fat and down 21 inches... he's also feeling better, sleeping better and he is making some great healthy changes in his life,” said Sandy one of Bobby’s coaches.

“It has really become a routine it used to be a grind that I to convince myself to eat the right things and do the right things and now it’s all kind of a routine and it’s really made the day and the process easier,” said Bobby.

“I hope that this is something that is going to be easy for him as the weeks go by; we're pretty much in our 7th week of the program, he’s down 22 pounds as well, so Bobby's doing fabulous,” said Sandy.

Me eating this way has really become easy, it’s no longer a process it’s a routine and I’m taking better care of myself and putting better food into my body consistently has made it easier that I’, six weeks into this and it’s really helped me have success in the program,” said Bobby.

“He's doing fabulous because most people are averaging two, two and a half pounds a week and he is doing much more than that; in the six weeks that he has been on the program he is averaging he is averaging close to three pounds a week and he has been following it with a lot of challenges with weekends and this has been really good for him,” said Sandy.

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