Sophomore QB Hunter Loyd Makes Quick Impact At Rogers

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ROGERS (KFSM)--When summarizing the 5-2 Mounties season, offensive coordinator Jared Schoonover keeps coming back to the sophomore class, highlighted by one player.

"At the quarterback position with Hunter Loyd, his future's gonna be very bright."

But that's not how other students saw it for Loyd, pinned with the label 'coach's son'.

"I probably got it a couple times a day. I'd walk around and I'd hear it. Friends would hear it and they'd tell me. They'd be like yeah he's only starting cause his dad. But it helps to have a dad as a coach," Hunter said.

And not just any coach. Hunter's father is second year head coach Mike Loyd.

"I probably get a little more nervous than the previous 30 years cause this is my 31st year as a head coach. But it's fun, you get to spend some quality time with him," coach Loyd said.

"We talk a lot. He's my best friend so I tell him everything," added Hunter.

"Hunter's probably pushing 6'4". Anytime you have a young man that can see over the offensive line without being flushed from the pocket and see his receivers and see his reads, it definitely helps in the progression," said Schoonover. "His ability to scramble and move in the pocket, his pocket presence is very good for a sophomore."

Hunter was thrust into the fire, leading a 21 point comeback in week one at Siloam Springs. He's since contributed to help the Mounties to a 5-2 start, 2-2 in 7A West play.

"He's pretty mobile, he's probably a dual threat guy," coach Loyd said about his son. "He's gonna get better in the pocket. But when you have three sophomore offensive linemen, a sophomore tight end and last week a sophomore running back, we got to try and get him on the perimeter and do some different things."

Loyd said the goal is to improve every aspect of his game each week.

"Better decisions probably. Trying to make better decisions and not force stuff that's not there."

The future is very bright for Rogers, as Loyd--and seven fellow sophomore starters--have years to hone their crafts navigating the tricky 7A West. Hunter is on pace for over 2000 yards in his first season as starting quarterback. Thus far, he's completed 105/184 passes (57%) for 1506 yards, 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Loyd's mobility has helped the sophomore gain 138 rushing yards and six more touchdowns.