Fort Smith’s Midwest Sports To Close Its Doors After 77 Years

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Midwest Sports has been in business for 77 years, but by the end of this year, the owners plan to close the doors.

"I've been very emotional," Linda Sirmon, owner said. "Very emotional."

Since grade school, Sirmon and her siblings have worked in the sporting goods shop, learning how to make trophies and the in's and out's of retail.

"It's great," Simon said. "We've done so good and I love it. My sister and I are having a very hard time to let it go."

This year, Sirmon lost her brother and now her sister, the store's co-owner is sick, leading to the decision to close the family business.

The store has seen generations of customers like Kevin Mallon come through the door.

"[I've come] a bunch over the years," Mallon said.

The owner's granddaughter recalls one of her first memories at Midwest.

"In first grade when I was playing football, I came in here to get all my football stuff," Jaci Odom said. "I loved trying the helmets on; that was my favorite part."

But for Odom, the hardest part will be watching her grandma say goodbye to a family treasure.

"I'm gonna' know that she really missed it," Odom said. "It's going to be hard for her."

As Sirmon prepares to hang up her helmet, she hopes every customer and employee know exactly what they mean to her.

"Getting up and coming to work, the people coming in here, working with my employees," Sirmon said. "I'm going to miss all that."

Sirmon plans to spend more time with her loved ones, but said she will always cherish the memories she's made at Midwest.

The owners are slowly working to close the store. The exact closure date is not set just yet, but will be by the end of December.

Items and gear at Midwest Sports have already been marked down to 40% off.

The store is located at 1310 Zero Street in Fort Smith.