Eastern Sebastian County Hit With Storm Damage

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) — Many people east of Lavaca have lots of clean up ahead of them following a severe storm that happened the past weekend.

Dozens of trees are uprooted in Rob Thompson’s yard, and debris is everywhere. He has a camper in his yard that is totaled.

“We’ve got trees facing south, we’ve got trees facing north and there’s not 30 feet between them.

He said despite all the damage, nothing hit the house where Thompson and his family were sleeping at the time.

“It’s amazing,” he said. If you don’t have faith, you’ll get it then. I promise you.”

Up the road from Thompson’s property — in the Ursula Community— Rick Boivin’s home is inhabitable until major repairs are made.

“It appears that the tornado, which I’m fairly sure that it was (a tornado)... caused extensive damage,” Boivin said. “Right now my garage is caving in."

He added that it’s a sigh of relief his neighbors were out of town during the storms. Their home lost its roof and a tree went through their son’s bedroom.

“It’s pretty bad,” Boivin said. “No loss of life. Thank God.”

Clean up efforts continue in Lavaca city limits. A resident's roof is peeling and their trampoline blew onto another property.

As of right now, the National Weather Service has no plans to survey the damage.