Adventure Arkansas: Arkansas-Missouri Railroad, Discovering Fall Foliage

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This week for Adventure Arkansas, it’s all aboard the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad for a round trip from Van Buren to Winslow.  The train cars were packed with people from all across the country, ready to see what our part of Arkansas has to offer.

“I’ve always wanted to ride the train; I like the trusses and all the scenery”, said Dottie Streich, train passenger. “I was hoping for more color in the trees, but they’re still beautiful.”

Even though peak season is still a few weeks away or if you want to ride the train any time of the year, there is much more the excursion train ride has to offer.
You are served a meal while on board and for entertainment, the train conductors give you the background of both the landscape and the railroad itself.

“I enjoy history and I like talking about history, and like to tell people about history,” said David Kerr, Train Conductor.  “So that’s my primary job on this train is tell people about history of the track, the rails we are traveling on today, the history of the cars themselves, history of the tracks.”

If you’ve never ridden a train before, put on your to-do list!  Just be warned, you may get hooked like David Kerr, one of the conductors onboard.

“I retired for the company I was working for and up until that time, I never rode a train,” said Kerr. “I had an opportunity to volunteer conduct on this train and that’s probably the first time I ever rode on a train.”

David hasn’t stopped riding since, eleven years in fact!

The railroad also conducts special routes throughout the year, including a holiday train coming up!  Starting after thanksgiving, there is a Christmas-themed ride, similar to the polar express story!

“We’ll do a short run from Van Buren, to I believe Chester, with kids on board, and they have on their pajamas, a fair share of hot chocolate, hot cocoa, that sort of thing,” said Kerr.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to take a train ride.

Well this is our stop.  Thanks for joining me this week on Adventure Arkansas, for 5NEWS I’m Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

The various Christmas train rides begin November 24th and run through December 22nd.

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