Siloam Springs Prepares For Winter Weather

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) -- As winter weather approaches, the Siloam Springs Street Department prepares for possible freezing conditions.

Public Works Director Steve Gorszczyk said the city has approved a new building for the street department. This building allows for increased storage space as well as a new brine system.

In years past, the sand mixture used to treat freezing roads was housed in a small shed. At times, chances of running out of the mixture increased during a storm. This building allows them to have almost double what they had.

“The idea was to try to keep salt and sand in stock because when we have a winter weather event and others in the area are having that too, there’s going to be a run on salt, so we want to make sure we have plenty in storage," Gorszczyk explained.

They also have a new salt brine creation process.

The building houses a tank where the brine is made, but it is then pumped out to a large black storage tank. Street Department Superintendent Dennis Kindy explained this speeds up the process of filling their trucks.

He also said that before this building, it would take anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes to fill one truck.

He expects it will take only 10 minutes with this new process: something his drivers say they are excited about.

“Now they’re not going to be in each other’s way, there’s not going to be the frustration of them trying to get theirs loaded and get out," Kindy said. "So everyone within the city is excited about it.”

Gorszczyk said there isn't much else for them to do besides make more brine and get the trucks ready when the weather hits.

They have worked this week to fill their stores of the salt and beet juice mix as well as their sand mixture.