Bentonville Issues $110.8M Building Permit For New Wal-Mart DC

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — A general contractor leading development of Wal-Mart Stores’ new distribution center in Benton County has received a building permit valued at $110.8 million.

The city of Bentonville issued the permit to The Whiting-Turner Construction Co. The Baltimore, Md.-based company is using the permit — and one other valued at $218,268 at 5802 S.W. Regional Airport Blvd. — to build the 1.27 million-square-foot distribution center at 5800 S.W. Regional Airport Blvd., about five miles southwest of the Wal-Mart headquarters on Walton Boulevard.

The new building will include 1.03 million square feet of warehouse space, 216,000 square feet dedicated to shipping operations, and 16,307 square feet of office space. The project will include 475 parking spaces for employees and 1,030 trailer parking spaces.

The land is owned by Ft Scott Property LLC, a Delaware-registered entity that paid $2.63 million for the acreage in February 2013.

The Ronald and Sherry Rominger Revocable Trust was the seller. The land was rezoned by city planners in February 2015 from A-1, Agricultural to I-1, Light Industrial.

Anne Hatfield, a Wal-Mart Stores spokeswoman, said it was too early to say when the facility would be completed.

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