Farmington Man Allegedly Admits To Slashing Tires, Pooping In Vehicles

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FARMINGTON (KFSM) -- A Farmington man was cited after he vandalized the cars of his ex-roommates as retribution for leaving on bad terms, according to police.

Rylan Sims, 18, was cited for seven counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief after admitting to slashing the tires of his former roommates' vehicles, breaking into them and pooping in the driver's seat, according to Capt. Mike Wilbanks, Farmington police spokesman.

"We haven't see anything like this," Wilbanks said. "It wound up being a retaliation. Sims said he was angry at his ex-roommates. He said they left on bad terms."

Sims' case will go to Farmington District Court. If found guilty, he'll be fined and likely ordered to pay restitution to the victims for the damage he caused, Wilbanks said.