Halloween Safety Tips For Kids & Adults

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- We're only days away from kids going to door to door and asking that very important question, "Trick-or-treat?" Even though Halloween should be a night of fun, kids also need to be safe.

Soon enough, kids are going to be collecting candy in neighborhoods across our area. However, to make sure your kids don't get tricked, there's some safety tips law enforcement officials want parents to keep in mind.

If your child is planning on going trick-or-treating:

  • Make sure to provide them with a flashlight,glow stick or reflective tape on their costume. This way they can be spotted by drivers and you can also keep a better eye on them in the dark.
  • Have them plan a route in advance. This will allow you to know where your child is planning on going.
  • Teach your children to make eye contact with drivers so they know they'er about to cross.
  • Tell your kids to always walk on sidewalks or paths.
  • When sorting through candy at the end of the night, be sure to throw away any candy that is not in its original wrapper, or looks as though it has been opened.

"Go to houses that are lit up, go to the door with your children, then don't let them run free in neighborhoods," said Cpl. Sean Wallace with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office. "Also, be sure your kids know not to go inside the homes."

Law enforcement also wants to remind adults to drive extra carefully in neighborhoods on Halloween night because children are going to be excited and might pop out when you least expect it.

The sheriff's office also said it's important to know where sex offenders are living so you can avoid those houses while trick-or-treating. To search for offenders in the area, click the following links.