Metabolic Research Center – Chain Of Success – Phase 7

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Bobby Swofford is charging forward in his weight loss goal with the Metabolic Research Center.

“This is much more than a weigh-in, we do contests and we like to keep them motivated and involved and happy throughout the program,” said Sarah, Coach with Metabolic Research Center.

“This month they have a chain going around the office showing the number of pounds lost and it's really nice to see the success that people have had,” said Bobby. “Most people that don't work out know that if you see people that are having success it's going to motivate you to be on the same level as them; it’s nice putting links up there to see that progress being made.”

“We're here to guide them, coach them, and motivate them,” said Sarah. “Losing weight is not always fun, but results are fun.”

“I think the best feeling is being able to pull out a few shirts in the back of the closet that haven't been able to were in a year and a half to two years, that's probably the best feeling I've had in a long time,” said Bobby.

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