The Assassination Of JFK: As It Happened

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(CBS News) — It has been half a century, and so many lifetimes ago. Yet the images from November 1963 remain haunting, blurred into our national consciousness. Fifty years later, CBS News relives that drama — in the moment — as it unfolded before a world in shock.

Bob Schieffer | CBS News: When the President came to Texas, I was a young newspaper reporter covering the crime beat for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. With JFK and his elegant wife Jackie heading our way, for us it was the biggest story of the year. Little could we know history was about to be made. Time stopped cold, in that dark moment, on a Dallas street.The horror of the assassin’s shots shattered dreams, and echoed through the decades, coloring our politics, and lives.It was also a watershed moment for American television news, led by CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite.With the death of a president came the birth of live coverage. America shared a national tragedy, as it happened.

Because of television we thought we knew JFK and his family more intimately than any of his predecessors, the man friends simply called, “Jack.”

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