Cruzin’ For Recovery Brings Awareness To Drug Addiction

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FORT SMITH (KFSM ) -- Cruzin' For Recovery is an event geared toward raising awareness for drug addiction and serves as a platform for recovering addicts to meet and encourage each other.

"I've only been in recovery a month and a half and it gets better every day," Brooke Thomas, recovering addict said.

Flags hung from every car as recovering addicts, supporters, friends and family prepared to take off for the second annual Cruzin' For Recovery, a ride that started at A to Z on Midland Blvd. and went all the way to Ben Geren Park.

"I hit rock bottom," Thomas said. "I'm sure there are others that have and we're there; we're there for them."

The flags included messages like, "No Hope With Dope," and "Addicts Lives Matter."

Dozens of people joined in on the "cruz" hoping to save lives and show those in the area that help is near.

Once the riders arrived at Ben Geren Park, support groups and organizations were on-hand to help those wanting more information about the recovery process or how to get started.

"Those people honking and waving, we definitely caught some attention," Stacy Cowens, recovering addict said.

Recovering addicts like those with the Survivors Clean & Sober Motorcycle Club said support is what helped them get clean and the hope to extend that encouragement to others.

"The support behind it is anybody trying to get clean really needs some kind of support," Sicko with Survivors Clean & Sober said. "Our community as a whole needs people like us who can reach out to people because a lot of people don't understand. If you've got somebody who's walked a mile in those shoes and understand what you're going through, it's a whole lot easier to get help."

As the riders arrived at the ending point, many said they had tears in their eyes and chills all over their body. Many of those riders are recovering addicts, themselves.

"It's amazing, I could cry," Thomas said. "It's hard to explain unless you've been there, but I'm sure people who know of people or family, it does get better."

"Don't give up," Cowens said. "There is help available. We have a huge recovery community in the area. If you just give it a chance and reach out, we can help you and life is amazing."

For more information about how you or someone you know can get help, contact the following groups:

Fort Smith Alcoholics Anonymous

Sebastian County Drug Court

Hearts of Hope Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Gateway Recovery For Women

Harbor Recovery For Men

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