Agree Or Disagree With Proposed Speed Limit Increases? Tell ArDOT How You Feel

ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Arkansas residents can now give their input on a review of speed limit increases throughout Arkansas.

A proposal could raise limits by about five miles per hour on certain roadways.  This follows a move by the legislature to amend the law concerning state speed limits to allow for possible increases on certain roads throughout Arkansas.

Recommended roads possible speed limit increases include:

  • Rural Interstates -- to 75 miles per hour
  • Urban Interstates -- to 65 miles per hour
  • Rural Multi-Lane Highways -- to 65 miles per hour
  • Other Rural Highways -- up to 55 miles per hour, or up to 60 miles per hour if warranted

Danny Straessle, ArDOT spokesman, said any changes would come after public input and much consideration.

"The amount of traffic on the highway, the vicinity of the highway to a population, are there a lot of folks that live around [the road in question], are there cross streets that intersect a particular highway," said Straessle when asked about what would be considered.

Nothing would be finalized until after the start of 2018, Straessle said.

A 45-day comment period has now opened for drivers to tell the Arkansas Department of Transportation their reasons for and against increases.

To leave your comment on the speed limit increase throughout the state, click here.