Sheriff: Distracted Driver Hits Sequoyah County Investigator With Car

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY(KFSM) — A Sequoyah County investigator was injured when a woman hit him with her car Monday evening (Oct. 30), according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane.

The investigator was standing on the shoulder of Highway 100 when the woman’s vehicle hit him about 30 miles-per-hour, Lane added.

Lane said the investigator was taken to Sparks Regional Medical Center for treatment. He sustained bruising, but had no internal injuries or fractures.

The incident happened while deputies were using K9s to investigate a deadly shooting in Gore, Lane explained. The woman became distracted while looking at the group of deputies and did not notice the investigator until it was too late.

She was cited for inattentive driving, according to the Sheriff’s Office.