Next Door App Connects Neighbors During Halloween

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Trick-or-treating on Halloween is exciting, but can be unnerving for some parents.

Of course, there’s an app for that, and it’s called the Next Door App. The Fayetteville Police Department recommends this App year round, but it’s great to have on Halloween.

The Next Door App is free to download on a smartphone or access on a computer. Users can see who in their neighborhood is offering candy to trick-or-treaters and keep up with crime and traffic activity.

Sergeant Anthony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police Department explains the Next Door App has somewhat taken the place of the neighborhood watch, but doesn’t suggest using it to contact the police department. “I would urge people if there's something to contact the police about, don't try to contact us through the next door app, just call dispatch,” Murphy said.

Officers want people to remember a few things when out on Halloween night.

  • When crossing the street, use the crosswalks.
  • When the porch light is off, it means trick-or-treaters aren’t welcome. Only approach houses with the porch light on.
  • Parents should keep their kids close.
  • Drivers should use caution and go slow.  "I would just warn people to slow down in the neighborhoods and use extra caution," Sgt. Murphy said. "Kids are going to be out and will have masks on and will be super excited running around in the road, so just keep your eye out."