Siloam Springs Family Plans To Scare With Halloween Decorations

KFSM - The Duncan’s home in Siloam Springs stands out a little more than the others on the block when Halloween rolls around.

“Ah, we sometimes get a few looks when people are driving by. I'm sure our neighbors across the street think we're crazy,” explained Misty Duncan.

The front of their home is decked out with a larger-than-life, blowup skeleton, projector screens lining the windows showing dancing skeletons inside, and trees strung with eerie lights.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the real hearse and coffin that will be parked out in their front yard on Halloween night.

“We started decorating a little bit every year. And kind of adding more to it year- to- year. And so this year has been the biggest so far," said Misty’s husband, Sam.

Sam said they spent about $300 this year on decorations.

And the Duncan’s are part of a big spending trend nationwide when it comes to buying Halloween decorations for the home.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), people are expected to shell out $2. 7 billion on them.

This is just a part of what’s projected to be a record breaking sales year. NRF says consumer spending could reach $9.1 billion compared with the $8.4 in 2016.

But this year’s figure isn’t all that scary to some local retailers.

“For us, traffic has definitely increased,” said Britni Conley, a manager at The Party Place in Fort Smith.

She adds that this is typically their busiest time of year and when they make the most money. Although final figures aren’t in just yet, she believes sales are up over last year.

She attributes the increase because the holiday does foster quite a bit of creativity.

“It’s an opportunity for families to get together and celebrate and use their imagination let it run wild,” explains Conley.

As for the Duncan family, they’re already eyeing a few decorations for next year to make their home standout and scare that much more in 2018.