Adventure Arkansas: Fall Foliage Flight With Arkansas Helicopters

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Nature’s color palette gets a lot more colorful this time of year and sights on the ground have nothing on what you can see from the sky.

5NEWS anchor Erika Thomas joined myself, Meteorologist Matt Standridge on adventure Arkansas to ride a helicopter over northwest Arkansas to see the fall foliage is spectacular.

We took off from the Springdale airport with chief pilot Austin to check out the fall colors over northwest Arkansas with Arkansas Helicopters.

“We offer helicopter tours all around northwest Arkansas but specifically this time of year we offer what we call fall foliage flights,” said Camron McAhren, Arkansas Helicopters Owner. “ Ya know, it’s an amazing way to see the Ozarks, the leaves start changing colors, your beautiful reds and greens and yellows that you see as it starts getting colder outside, the Ozarks are pretty amazing,” said McAhren.

Roads can only take you so far but as owner Camron McAhren points out, a helicopter can take you anywhere.

“You still don’t get to see the magnitude of what you can from the air to get to some of these locations the only way you can really get there possibly might be from a helicopter or airplane because there are really no roads,” said McAhren.

So right now we’re about four hundred feet above the ground.  We’re heading towards beaver lake which you can probably see in the background...chief pilot Austin for Arkansas helicopters is taking us over the lake right now.  There are some really beautiful colors too on some of these ridges out there.

“With the fall foliage flights we typically go out east of of my favorite regions is out over beaver lake and east of beaver lake where there’s, you know, not really much development.  I mean it’s the Ozark Mountains, it’s beautiful,” said McAhren.

Erika and I were stunned by the views from the air.  A helicopter ride is always fun, but one over the fall colors in our neck of the woods is quite a treat.

With adventure Arkansas and checking out the view above where you live, I’m 5news meteorologist Matt Standridge

Arkansas helicopters fly year round but the special fall foliage flights begin November first, and last until November 19th.

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