Family Shelter Sees Crisis Calls Increase Around Holidays

SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- A new study was released showing that assaults increase by 3 percent after the end of daylight saving time, but one Springdale shelter said their numbers are a little bit different.

The Peace at Home Family Shelter works with women and children who are victims of domestic assault and abuse.

Eva Terry, the development director for the shelter said they don't really see an increase in calls until around the holidays.

The study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed the increase occurs immediately after we regain an hour of sleep.

Terry said for them, that day is just another Monday.

“As far as new clients, that’s two to four that we might receive on a given day," Terry said. "I believe on the Monday after Daylight Saving Time, we received four but other Mondays are very similar to that. Maybe three or five.”

She explained the decision to leave an abusive situation is not something that happens out of nowhere.

It is something that builds over time.

Terry said they see people making this decision all year round but for some reason there are more during stressful or drinking holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“January, February, March we might average about 45 or 50 calls a month whereas October, November, December might average more like 70," Terry said. "So, even still we’re not talking about hundreds of percentages more but it is a slight increase over the beginning of the year.”

Peace at Home deals with various types of abuse and not just assault.

Terry said the shelter is there for anyone who finds themselves in one of these situations and needs a safe way out.