Boozman Releases Statement On New Tax Reform Bill

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WASHINGTON (KFSM) — Senator John Boozman released a statement Thursday (Nov. 2) after the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled its comprehensive tax reform bill.

The tax plan lowers the number of tax brackets from seven to four and increases the standard deduction, as a series of tax cuts and breaks aimed at helping most Americans.

Here is Boozman’s full statement:

“We have a unique opportunity to deliver tax relief of a historic nature to hardworking Americans. The bill unveiled by the House starts the process of rewriting the tax code to ensure Americans can keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets, rather than Uncle Sam’s.

Arkansans want to see their personal income increase. They want the ability to save for the future and they want their cost of living to go down. The President, as well as my colleagues in the Senate and the House, are unified in our efforts to make that a reality.

I will continue to work with my colleagues to pass a pro-growth bill that simplifies the tax code, benefits hardworking Americans and creates jobs at home.”

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