Recent Warranty Letters In Fort Smith Create Scam Scare, Officials Say ‘Don’t Worry’

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Some Fort Smith residents have said they're concerned they're being scammed.

Residents said they've received letters from the city and a company called Service Line Warranties, and thought it may be a scam, but city officials confirm it's not a scam after all.

"It tells you to give them your credit card if you wanna put it on your credit card," Homeowner Viola Brown, said.

Brown said she and her daughter got the letters in the mail Thursday, (Nov. 2) and after reading it, she saw some red flags.

"The hair stand up on the back of my neck when I read it and especially the way it's worded, it makes it sound dire," Brown said.

Brown contacted the city and was initially told the letter was fake.

City officials said the letter is legitimate, but a miscommunication with Service Line Warranties is why many residents may have never heard of these types of plans.

"The Service Line Warranties sent out the letters a little bit sooner than we anticipated," Joshua Robertson, communications and training manager for Fort Smith Utilities said. "We had planned on sending out a press release, so there was a little bit of disconnect."

Fort Smith endorses the company as an effort to help residents if plumbing emergencies were to happen.

"Customers can sign up for this warranty program, pay a monthly fee or a one-time yearly fee and be covered in water line, sewer line and internal plumbing emergencies," Robertson said.

Residents also said they're still unsure and want others to still keep an eye on potential scams.

"I want to see something more from the city," Brown added. "There's too much stuff going on with credit card and ID theft. It doesn't sound kosher to me."

City officials claim that Fort Smith does not benefit financially from the endorsement and said no city funds are used in any of the marketing or promotions for the warranty program.

The Service Line Warranties program is voluntary.

For more information, contact the city offices or visit the Service Line Warranties website.

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