Swarms Of Beetles Infesting Our Area

ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Asian lady beetles are infesting parts of Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.

Swarms of the bugs infested inside and outside of homes Thursday (Nov. 2).

Entomologists said the bugs are wintering and are searching for warm places to nest.

The beetles are different than lady bugs because unlike lady bugs, Asian lady beetles bite, however they're not venomous. They also leave behind foul smells and stains.

"They are out there in large numbers. They're not from here and they are eating a lot of out native insects in ways that might have unpredictable affects in terms of pest control," said Dr. Alex Wild, entomologist at the University of Texas.

As their name suggests, the beetles are from Asia, and were first discovered in America during 1988 in Louisiana, according to entomologists.