Experience Toyland: Hottest Toys Of 2017

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Thousands showed up at the Bentonville Square Friday (Nov. 3) to play with toys. Thousands of kids were out roaming the annual Walmart Toyland Event.

Liam Stroud, 6, said he had so much fun at the event.

"I was so excited I wanted to scream," Stroud exclaimed.

Toyland goers had the opportunity to see Lightening McQueen and his crew from the movie 'Cars', the Power Rangers and Transformers among thousands of other exhibits, games and toys.

"Kids get to see something in person that they would see on TV, and they can interact with it and demo it and understand how the product works," Alex Fleener, Disney Cars representative said.

Santa was also at the event to hear what kids want for Christmas.

Some of the hot toys for 2017 include Power Rangers Megazords, Lego's, Transformers, Hotwheels, Star Wars and Spider-Man items , as well as Shimmer and Shine, Trolls, Tickle Me Elmo, Play-Doh sets, Nerf guns,  Disney Princess toys, dolls and costumes, Nickelodeon and Pixar just to name a few.

Toyland EXTRAS: Power Rangers Megazords

Power Ranger Megazords are blazing hot.

Kids of all ages, particularly three to eight love how the toy holds weapons, and comes with a power sword and shield. The toys' lights captures attention and kids said they like how these toys make sounds.

These toys cost about $40.


Toyland EXTRAS: Roarin' Tyler

Roarin’ Tyler is roaring in popularity.

Kids of all ages, particularly four and older, said they love playing with this toy because it makes them feel as though they have a real pet tiger.

The toy roars, moves, and responds with more than 100 sound and motion combinations.

These toys cost about $100.