Benton County Buildings Go Green To Honor Vets

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- The Benton County court house and administration building are lit up in green to honor veterans.

It's part of the "Greenlight a Vet" campaign created by Walmart in 2015. It encourages home and business owners to replace outdoor lights with green bulbs.

"You put a green light either on your home or business and it's pretty much recognition and gives a little bit of appreciation back to our veterans for what they've done," said Patrick Robinson, director of Benton County Veteran Services.

Robinson, a Marine veteran, works to ensure other local veterans and their families have the resources they need following life out of service.

"We assist [veterans] in filing claims for disability compensation, veterans pensions," Robinson said. "We [also] assist surviving spouses with filing for survivor benefits and we can also help with the paperwork for burial and cemeteries."

Robinson said Benton County is home to around 19,000 veterans.

Last year, the University of Arkansas joined the campaign by lighting up Razorback Stadium in green lights.

Robinson says he's proud to work for an employer who recognizes the sacrifices he and others have made for their country.

"I'm very proud of Benton County for saying "Thank you, we appreciate what you've done" to all the veterans in Benton County," Robinson said.

People are encouraged to buy a green light bulb to show their support for veterans, which can be found at a number of stores.

Benton County will stay green until November 17th when red lights will be added for Christmas.