Fayetteville Church Prays For Victims Of Texas Church Shooting

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- A Fayetteville church keeps the victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting in their prayers Sunday (Nov. 5) during their night service.

Some members of the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church could only describe the event as heartbreaking.

Associate Pastor Ken Francis said the information was something to make a person sick.

He said security has been on their minds for a while.

“We live in an evil world and here in the United States we have been safe from things like that because the general influence of Christianity has made this a relatively safe place," Francis said.

He continued by saying that it seems like the places people once thought were safe are beginning to go away.

Francis has been a part of this church for over 40 years and said they have not had a major security scare.

Gary McHenry is a member of the church and said he just learned about the incident before the service began.

“I’m very saddened to hear that we’ve come to this point where troubled individuals are expressing their troubled state in God’s house in that way," McHenry said.

Both McHenry and Francis agreed with another member of the church, Kyle Sylvester, in that they wanted the victims of the shooting to know one thing.

“Absolutely that they are in our prayers and we mourn for them and with them at this time," Sylvester said. "We know that the Lord Jesus Christ is our comforter and that he has us in his hand and they are there as well.”