Suspect Killed In Local Officer-Involved Shooting Identified

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM)-- A suspect was shot and killed by an officer in Clarksville Saturday night (Nov. 4).

Nyung Kyee, 56, has been identified as the person who died after he reportedly waved a knife at a local law enforcement officer, according to a news release from ASP.

Investigators said suspect Nyung Kyee, 56, waved a knife at the officer during a traffic stop on Cline Road.

According to initial statements, when Kyee stopped the vehicle, he immediately stepped out of the vehicle with the weapon.

Kyee was shot and killed. He died at the scene. Kyee's body has been to the Arkansas State Crime Lab in Little Rock for an autopsy.

Witnesses said they heard about two or three gunshots.

Police haven't identified the officer involved, but said that officer is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

The officer wasn't injured during the incident.

Witness Richard Oliver said, "I was standing here on my front door with the window open, and I could hear the officers yelling, "put the knife down... get out of the car... unlock the door... get out of the car," and the next thing I know, the man was out of the car going at the officer with a knife."

Oliver added, "It`s shocking. You don`t expect it to happen in front of where you live and where your family is."

He also said the suspect had a passenger in his car, who appeared to be a minor. He said the altercation happened in less than a minute.

"One of [the police officers] got the minor, put him in the back of the car," Oliver said. "The other officer went over and started performing aid on the man."

Officer Larry Boggs with the Clarksville Police Department said they are not releasing the identify of the law enforcement officer at this time. Boggs said that male officer is on paid administrative leave until ASP finishes the investigation.

Upon completion of the investigation, state police special agents will submit an investigative file to the Johnson County prosecuting attorney for consideration to determine whether use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer was justified as defined by state laws.