Fayetteville Police Arrest Three On Forgery, Drug Charges

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Nichols, Stults, King

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Fayetteville police have arrested three people on forgery and drug charges after an investigation turned up counterfeiting equipment and drug paraphernalia inside an apartment unit, according to a preliminary arrest report.

Police first arrested April Stults, 26, and Mary King, 47, on Saturday (Nov. 4) after investigators found several counterfeit bills in Stults’ unit at the University Apartments.

Then on Monday (Nov. 6), police trailed Garrett Nichols to the complex at 554 S. Buchanan Ave., where he entered Stults’ unit and removed a large trash bag and ammo box, which he gave to another renter.

Police stopped Nichols moments after he drove off and inside the vehicle found two printers, one of which linked back to the counterfeit bills found in Stults’ unit, according to the report.

Nichols, 30, told police he knew Stults had been using the printer to print counterfeit money and he took the printer to keep her from getting in trouble.

Nichols added that the bag he took from Stults’ unit contained “funny money” that she and King had been using to buy pills. Nichols also said he tried to pass some of the fake bills at Sonic.

Police recovered the ammo box and trash bag, which contained several sheets of copy paper with images of $5, $10, $20 and $100 bills, according to the report.

Inside the ammo box police found 115 grams of Methylsulfonylmethane, which is a common drug-cutting agent, and less than one gram of meth, along with spoons, syringes and a scale. Nichols said he’d been mixing the¬†Methylsulfonylmethane with meth to sell.

Nichols, Stults and King were being held Monday (Nov. 6) at the Washington County Detention Center.

No bond had been set for Nichols, while Stults and King were being held on bonds of $4,085 and $3,820, respectively.