Local Residents Concerned After No Agreements Made In County Water Dispute

VIAN (KFSM) -- Customers of the Sequoyah County Water Association said they're concerned about the future of their water service, as their rates are set to increase.

Residents fought Monday night (Nov. 6) at a town meeting to keep the price of water services from increasing.

Those in the town have a 50-year contract with the water association, but employees of the water association have allegedly breached the contract.

Vian residents said those of the water association increased rates despite contract agreements. They claim the contract states that there wouldn't be rate increases, but employees of the water association said the contract doesn't state such, and rather, they raised customer rates due to what they consider as needed upgrades including a pumping system and a new water treatment plant.

A one percent increase for the next 40 years has been proposed, but residents are against the proposal.

The dispute between those in the town and those of the water association has continued for eight-months. For months, residents were threatened to have services shut off if an agreement failed.

The water association services 6,000 customers in Sequoyah County. According to the United States Census Bureau, 1,394 people lived in Vian during 2016.

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