Rogers City Leaders Discuss Annexation Of 4,000 Acres

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Rogers city leaders held a meeting Monday (Nov. 6) to address concerns and answer questions surrounding the upcoming annexation vote.

This follows a decision by the city council to hold an election to annex nearly 4,000 acres near Highway 112. The land is an unincorporated area, and many of the residents were hoping to keep it that way.

Brian McDonald is one of the property owners fighting against this move by the city of Rogers. McDonald said the city is overstepping its authority and is encouraging people to vote no.

City leaders came to the table with the plan to expand city limits and add utility services to the area. Many landowners who would be impacted said they are against the move.

"If I was a voter and a citizen of Rogers, I would absolutely be against something that's so unknown that's going to be so costly and so negatively impactful to us," McDonald said. "Think, we are the people being impacted most, so, we need the help of the citizens of Rogers to stop this. Vote no. Vote against this."

The city said they are providing city services to already annexed land in the area, and it would make more sense to just cover the entire area.

The election is next Tuesday, (Nov. 12) and early voting began this Tuesday (Nov. 7).

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