Woman Shares Story After Being Robbed In Fort Smith Walmart Parking Lot

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A woman is sharing her story after getting robbed in a local Walmart parking lot.

Kimberly Calhoun said she was putting groceries in her car at the Walmart on the east side of Rogers Ave. when a man approached her asking for money. She said she told him she didn't carry much cash, but she did give him a small wad of money she had in her wallet. After the scary encounter, she posted a video on Facebook.

"People in Fort Smith in the Walmart parking lot, especially little ladies like me, be careful," she warned in the video.

She said the theft happened the day before Halloween.

"I just went grocery shopping, and I was putting the groceries in my car and he walks up and just says give me your money," she said. "I did and he walked off."

Although he only got away with $9, the encounter shook Calhoun to her core. She said she is thankful things weren't worse.

"I think that's one of the things that scared me the most is that nobody knew I was at Walmart," Calhoun said.

She said she parked near the grocery side of the store next to a cart rack. She was in between the cart rack and the passenger side of her mini van loading in bags.

"I was hidden [from the general public]," she explained.

Fort Smith police said to avoid becoming the target of a crime like this, try not to shop alone. Park in a well lit area and toward the front of the store if possible and don't carry large amount of cash on you.

"Don't carry a wallet or a purse," Cpl. Anthony Rice said. "Take your debit card, put it in your pocket and make it look like you don't have any money on you at all."

Calhoun said she hopes her story will remind others to pay attention to their surroundings.

"I don't want to take people's feeling of the safe, small city away from them, but you have to be careful," she said.

Calhoun said she was so shaken up, she only remembers the man was white and smaller in size, but she said she wouldn't be able to point him out in a crowd.

Police want to work with her and see if they can find any images on the security cameras.

Police said if you have any information on this incident or you see something like this to call the River Valley Crimestoppers tip line at 78-CRIME.

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