Visitors Asked To Stay Off Grass At Bentonville Square Due To Christmas Lights

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-- As cities around Northwest Arkansas prepare for the Christmas season, some who visit the Bentonville Square said they are a little worried about the ground light display.

Crant Osborne, the city park and recreation maintenance supervisor, said they placed about 120,000 feet of lights throughout the square, which is about 235,000 individual lights.

He said this was about the fourth season where they have had the ground lights and simply ask people to remain off the grass until January.

“The ground lights are sensitive, of course," Osborne said. "We do put up a little bit of fencing just to try to encourage people not to walk on them that way they will continue to stay lit through the season.”

Many people in the area said they didn't realize there were lights in the grass.

Stephanie Hole visits the square during the Bentonville Farmer's Market, and described the area as always packed full of people.

With the grassy areas closed off, she said that there may not be as many people spending time in the square.

“A little bit because the kids like to play in the grass," Hole said. "They like to play on the trees, hang off of the branches and just kind of run around like kids do. So, I think not being able to be on the grassy part is going to hinder it a little bit for the kids at least.”

Others agreed with Hole saying people will come, but they will not stay long.

"Yeah because once you see them you’re like I don’t want to go over there if I can’t walk through there and it may be pretty, but keep the lights off the ground," Brandy Devinney said.

Osborne said every year they see an increase in the number of people who come to see the display, and he doesn't expect it to stop.

Some who were on the square like the display and the ground lights. One woman said people in Bentonville prepare for this change and work around it.

Osborne said they will light up the display starting Nov. 18 and will shut it down on Jan. 1.

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