Bentonville Students Bake To Help Fellow Students Stay Warm

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-- Two sixth grade girls from Old High Middle School went the extra mile to make sure their classmates could stay warm this winter.

Kiki Turner and Gretchen Bartley spent over a month preparing the Beez and Geez Kindness Project.

The two students devised the idea to give back to others during Genius Hour, a time during the school day where students can choose what they want to learn.

Both girls love to bake, so they decided to have a bake sale. With some help from their parents, they made pies, cheesecake and other desserts to sell at the Bentonville Farmers Market.

The money they made from the sale then went to purchase gloves and coats for students at their school.

“We just didn’t want to see so many kids here freezing that they were blue," Turner said. "So, we wanted to help out so then kids would feel happy and warm.”

The duo made about $887 from the bake sale, which allowed them to buy 63 pairs of gloves and 53 coats.

“We could help those kids out to where they don’t have to pay for or their parents don’t have to pay for it or their parents don’t have to feel guilty about it or anything because we’re just giving back," Bartley said.

They said now when students go to a teacher needing a new coat, they can simply pick one up at school.

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