Fort Smith Native Creates & Sets New Guinness World Record With Wetsuit

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Lindsay Scott, a Fort Smith native, is one step closer to being in the Guinness World Records book.

She set and executed a record on Sunday (Nov. 5) for “Fastest time to put on and take off a wetsuit” in the HPER building at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Scott created the record in collaboration with Guinness, but explains it was a lengthy process. She started talking with the team at Guinness back in February. Seven months of negotiations later, they came up with one that suited both of their demands.

She wanted something that catered to her passion for scuba diving and her work as a clothing model, and that’s how they came up with “Fastest time to put on and take off a wetsuit.”

Guinness helped set the parameters for the record to make it competitive, which meant Scott had to put on and take off the wetsuit in 60 seconds or less. She did it in 43.13 seconds.

Now that Scott completed the attempt, she needs to submit the proof and paperwork for review and approval.

It will take Guinness about 12 weeks to review the paperwork, so Scott should know by the end of February if they approve it.

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