Veteran Gives Millennials Special Message While Honored At Fayetteville High School

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)  -- Veterans Day is nearing and schools in the area are starting the celebration early. Students at Fayetteville High School honored retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Gray for his service Thursday (Nov.8th).

"We don't do this for entitlements or anything beyond. We just are privileged to wear the uniforms," Gray said.

After serving 24 years in the military, Gray shared his wartime experience in Vietnam with an auditorium of millennials in the hope of inspiring a few to join the service.

"Its sad to see those countries... where we've evolved over the years because people willing to put on the uniform and fight wherever we're needed," Gray said.

During his keynote address, Gray painted a vivid picture of the day-to-day struggles natives in third world countries faced.

"If our youngsters could just go out and see what life is like in a different world and come back, I think they'd appreciate what they have," he added.

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