Local Students Take Burden Off Those Seeking Success

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LAVACA (KFSM) — Two students from Lavaca High School have been working for months to help provide professional clothing for community members and peers.

The closet is called Business Blessing and it's full of clothes and shoes for both men and women.

Grace Smithson and Ashley Ballman, two of the high school seniors, created the closet to give back and encourage others to succeed.

"We started going to garage sales around June," Ballman said. "We first found some jackets and thought we can do shirts and skirts. We just kind of built on this process. We had over 300 clothes to go through."

The girls said the biggest reason for creating this closet is to take the burden off of their peers who may not be able to buy professional clothes.

"Almost half of the kids here don't have the clothes," Grace Smithson said. "We just want to have an opportunity for them to get the clothes so maybe they can get a job and start their life after high school."

"A lot of people don't have these kinds of clothes," Ballman said. "You can kind of see that just walking down the halls. You can kind of see the kids who may not have what they need."

Now that the clothes are available, Grace and Ashley said they hope more people will join clubs geared toward getting students involved.

"We are really hoping that people take this into their own lives and they can pick something off the rack and it can help them with that next step, whether it be a scholarship, a job interview or a college application," Smithson explained.

The closet is open Monday through Friday during normal school hours and anyone is welcome to come by.

Those wanting to borrow or keep the clothes are required to sign a sheet and then can pick out what they need.

Grace and Ashley are accepting donations year-round and are currently working to collect formal dress donations for those who cannot buy Prom or other dance dresses.

To find out how you can help or for more information, visit Business Blessings' Facebook page.