Obamacare Enrollment Soars In First Four Days

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(CNN) — More than 600,000 people signed up for Obamacare in the first four days of open enrollment, far outpacing last year’s rate.

Nearly a quarter were enrolling for the first time, while the rest renewed coverage, according to statistics released Thursday by the Trump administration. The period covers Nov. 1 through Nov. 4.

The data provides the first look at how Obamacare will fare under an administration determined to dismantle the health reform law. While Trump officials are maintaining the federal exchange, healthcare.gov, they have slashed open enrollment advertising and support. Also, consumers will have only six weeks to sign up for coverage on the federal exchange, rather than the three months or more they had in previous years.

Obamacare supporters were quick to jump on the data, noting that the average daily pace was nearly double that of last year’s.

“This is a great start to open enrollment and is further evidence that people want health insurance and that they’re finding coverage they can afford,” said Lori Lodes, a former Obama official and co-founder of Get America Covered, which is aiming to boost sign ups.