Ozark Natural Foods – Hey Good Cookin’ – Pumpkin Doughnuts

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This week's Hey Good Cookin' is the perfect breakfast addition to your morning routine this fall. These Pumpkin doughnuts will have you going nuts!

Pumpkin Doughnuts


2 C – 2 T AP flour

1 ¾ t baking powder

1 ¼ t salt

2 t pumpkin pie spice

¾ C brown sugar

¾ C granulated sugar

½ C oil

3 eggs

1 ½ C or 1 can pumpkin puree

1 t vanilla

Pumpkin Pie Spice Sugar Coating

½ C granulated sugar

2 t pumpkin pie spice


Preheat oven to 350.

Grease doughnut wells.

Mix flour, baking powder, salt, and pumpkin pie spice together.

Add sugars and mix until well blended.

In a small separate bowl, whisk together the oil, eggs, pumpkin puree, and vanilla.

Add into dry mixture and combine thoroughly.

Fill doughnut wells ¾ of the way full.

Bake 16 minutes and cool.

To make the coating; in a bowl, combine your granulated sugar and pumpkin pie spice until thoroughly mixed.

Dip doughnuts into pumpkin pie spice sugar on both sides.

Enjoy! Doughnut eat them all at once :)

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