Honorably Discharged Veterans Can Shop Tax-Free Online

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ARKANSAS (KFSM)–Thousands of veterans will be eligible to shop online tax-free at military exchange websites starting on Saturday (Nov. 11), thanks to a policy change by the United States Department of Defense.

The initiative, which was first announced in January 2017.  It applies to veterans who have received honorable discharges (no matter the branch of service) and can verify their status by using the website VetVerify.org.

After being verified, participants will be eligible to shop tax-free for life at any of the four sites operated by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service: MyNavyExchange.com, MyMCX.com, ShopCGX.com, and www.ShopMyExchange.com.  However, vets will remain ineligible to shop inside physical exchange locations.

About 13 million veterans are reportedly potentially qualified to make use of the online program.