Prairie Grove Business Helps Raise Money For Kids

PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) -- Brandon Van Sickel, the owner of Mel's Diner in Prairie Grove, spent Saturday (Nov. 11) afternoon out serving food to people for free during one of his Shop With a Cop fundraisers.

Van Sickel made chili, brown beans and cornbread for anyone who wanted a helping.

All he asked in return was a donation to the event.

In years past, Van Sickel has been a part of various fundraising events to help the police department help as many kids as they can in town.

Growing up he said he never had much, but there was a police officer who helped some of the kids in the area.

He hoped other businesses or communities will want to give back in some way.

“Not only pass it forward, but set the trend forward to where other places think hey its not a lot of money," Van Sickel said. "It’s more time than it is money out of my own pocket to help others so we as a whole, the officers can help the kids.”

During past events, he said he has raised anywhere from $250 to almost $500.

Prairie Grove Police Chief Chris Workman said usually they have to go to people to raise more money for Shop With a Cop.

Every now and then though, he said people like Van Sickel will come to them.